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What should I do if the annual check and record show defects?
The gas safety check record, documenting annual checks, must be issued immediately post-inspection, enhanced with any subsequent corrective actions for comprehensive safety tracking. Distinct from service inspections, it demands a Gas Safe engineer's expertise for maintenance advice and action.
What if the we find defects during the annual gas safety check?
Landlords must act on defects to maintain gas safety, issuing a comprehensive check record post-inspection, supplemented by any corrective actions for a full safety overview.
Should I provide my tenants with a carbon monoxide (CO) and Smoke alarm?
Using CO alarms is advised for early CO detection, but they cannot substitute for essential, routine maintenance and safety evaluations by a certified engineer.
What Happens When Defects Are Discovered During the Annual Gas Safety Inspection?
Landlords are required to address any defects identified during gas safety checks immediately, issuing a comprehensive safety check record without delay and updating it with any subsequent actions to ensure a complete gas safety profile for the property.